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Moonshots UC Berkeley SkyDeck
Digital Campaign, Website, Print and Image Library

The Client:

Berkeley SkyDeck is an entrepreneurship accelerator, hosting over 300 startups per year across three programs. In 2016, the team at SkyDeck wanted to document the magic of so many minds commingling in a communal penthouse in downtown Berkeley. In 2020, these portraits were used to launch SkyDeck’s Voices of Innovation campaign, sharing founders stories as part of the SkyDeck community.

My Approach:

I set up an on-site studio to capture portraits of SkyDecks founders and entrepreneurs, and in between takes I roamed the office space and campus to witness these minds in action. After 42 shoots over 9 years, I was able to build a library of environmental portraits for SkyDeck to be used as promotional images, for web and social media, as well as for print materials.

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