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Entrepreneur Stories Mayfield
Web Content and Social Media

The Client:

Mayfield Fund, a global venture capital firm, wanted to highlight their “people first” approach to investing by creating unique spotlights on their entrepreneurs. Mayfield partnered with Alberston Design to build entrepreneur-centered case studies for their website and social media. Their goal was to capture the approachability of high-profile founders.

My Approach:

I partnered with the Albertson Design team to bring their character-focused approach to life, which lent itself naturally to black and white photography. I wanted each subject to appear larger-than-life but accessible, creating portraits that were both sculptural and intimate. Shooting in a small space, it was important to me that each subject appear natural while I focused on hands and facial expressions. I applied the grain structure of black and white digitally (harkening back my preferred Kodak Tri-X film-of-choice from the analog days). My goal was to deliver multidimensional portraits celebrating the timelessness of black and white photography. Read more about our collaboration here. 

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