The Future Starts Here Premieres

The-Future-Starts-Here-BY-Tiffany-Shlain-AOLThe Moxie Institute commissioned Marla Aufmuth to photograph Tiffany Shlain for the intro to the new AOL Original Series premiering today. Have a look, it will get you thinking about Robots, Tech Etiquette and Tech Porn.

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Behind the Scenes of The Future Starts Here


The Moxie Institute brought us on to document the making of Tiffany Shlain’s new series for the AOL On Network. We spent many days exploring “what it means to be human as we rush head first into the 21st Century” while filming in some of San Francisco’s greatest locations: at the Exploratorium in its “fog”, amidst Big Daddy’s Antiques, and on the top of Corona Heights on one of those gorgeous San Francisco days. We also spent time in the studio creating the perfect portrait for Tiffany which became the intro for the series. Watch a series or two of The Future Starts Here, they’ll get you thinking about Idea Porn, Motherhood, and Robots. Tiffany_Shlain_The_Future_Starts_Here_06 Tiffany_Shlain_The_Future_Starts_Here_07 Tiffany_Shlain_The_Future_Starts_Here_08 Tiffany_Shlain_The_Future_Starts_Here_09

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Recurly’s expanding


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SkyDeck Berkeley Gets Accelerated

UCB_SkyDeck_01 UCB_SkyDeck_02 UCB_SkyDeck_03 UCB_SkyDeck_04

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Pierce Washington Strikes a Pose

Pierce_Washington_01Creative Director David Albertson brought our team on to spend the day at Pierce Washington documenting a day in the life of an eBusiness Consulting Firm. We witnessed firsthand their interactions as a global company, meanwhile turning them into international models. Once they adapted to their new modeling careers, the personality of the company really began to shine through. Pierce_Washington_02 Pierce_Washington_03

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